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Criminal Defense

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers

Pennsylvania firm protects the rights of accused individuals

No matter what type of crime you’re charged with, you have fundamental rights. At Kenny, Burns & McGill in Philadelphia, our experienced attorneys provide exceptional legal representation so that accused individuals are not mistreated by the authorities. Serving both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we handle a full range of felony and misdemeanor cases and work to preserve our clients’ freedom whenever possible. Our skillful advocates challenge the evidence brought by prosecutors and press to achieve a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement.

Charged with a Violent Crime?

Attorneys handle assault and homicide cases

When you’re accused of an offense involving violence, it is essential to hire a proven attorney who can deliver strong counsel throughout every stage of the criminal justice process. We defend Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents who are facing assault, homicide and weapons charges. You can count on us for aggressive advocacy when you’re threatened with a potentially long prison sentence. Our firm also represents individuals in matters involving alleged sex crimes. Even in the toughest cases, we create a sound strategy and fight to get clients the result they seek.

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense

Counsel for Parole and Probation Issues

Advocates work to safeguard your freedom

Parole and probation are preferable alternatives to incarceration, but following the extensive rules can be difficult. With a detailed knowledge of the laws and practical considerations associated with these systems, our attorneys assist individuals from Pennsylvania and New Jersey who are accused of violating their parole or probation. Whenever possible, we pursue a resolution that allows our clients to maintain their freedom. We can also help safeguard your rights if you are the subject of a bench or arrest warrant.

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